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“Come and visit us in our Turin venue, choose the fly experience you prefer and live a unique experience”

– iFly Simulator
Crew Team

Cleared for Take Off

Get on our Flight Simulator, sit at the controls of a 737 Boing and experience the excitement for flying the world’s most famous airplane! Our Flight Simulator is placed inside an isolated from outside noises and lights room to ensure an experience as real and engaging as possible. We Use the best software technology. We Use a real-size simulator that perfectly replays the cockpit of a modern airliner, in particular that of a B737-800/900 NG. With iFly Simulator You feel like you are in a real cockpit, with all the onboard instrumentation and flight indicators.

No Experience Required, Fun Assured!

With The iFly Flight Simulator you will learn the basic skills to fly a Boing 737: An operator will guide you through all standard flight procedures. The Fun is assured everyone can try to fly a plane… Even the youngest!

Cutting Edge Technology to Fly


irtual Reality with projection system at 220 °, our three projectors will make you feel completely immersed in the experience of flying.


Share the flight, choose whether to be controlled or copilot, use the double controls of the boeing737 and with the double pedals set you can control the rudder and the nose wheel.


With Our Flight Simulator you can choose any weather condition, sun or storm, choose from over 100 scenarios to test yourself.


By connecting to IVAO your flight simulation will be part of a community of over 210,000 members in over 80 Countries that share your passion for aviation.


In Our Flight Simulator you can choose where to fly. The Airports and geographic maps are riproduced faithfully.


Check every incident in each flight phase. With Our Flight Simulator, you will be able to simulate problems and Emergencies, to learn to manage emergencies and abnormals as a true commander.

Meet our Fly Crew

“I will guide you through all instrumental procedures, departure, enroute climb, Cruise flight, arrival, holding, and approach."

– Alessio
Pilota 737

“I Offer my expertise to each person who wants to experience the excitement of flying a Boeing 737, supporting it in each phase of the simulation.”

– Marco
Pilota Simmer