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Frequently Asked Questions about our Flight Simulator

“Here you can find some of the questions that have been asked. If you don’t find the topic you’re interested in, contact us… we’re at your service.”

iFly Simulator
Crew Team


I want to give a gift, how can I do it?
To purchase a gift voucher, go to the “BUY AND BOOK” section, choose the experience, and click on “Purchase gift voucher.”

Enter your information (buyer’s details) and make the payment. At the end of the process, you will receive, at the email address you provided, in addition to the purchase receipt, the gift voucher in PDF format, which you can print in color and give to the person of your choice. The voucher will have a code, thanks to which the recipient can directly make a reservation, choosing a day and time, directly from our website.

The voucher code is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

If you want to personalize the voucher with the recipient’s name, iFly provides a template where you can write the name after entering the code.

How can I book a flight experience and choose a specific day and time?
To book, go to the “BUY AND BOOK” section, choose the experience you prefer, and click on “Book now.”

In the details box, you can select a day and time based on availability and pay with the provided payment methods (PayPal or credit card).

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please contact the phone number 3481554880 directly, and we will provide you with the details.

At the end of the process, you will receive a ticket via email, which will allow you to access the simulator.

How can I book an experience if I have a gift voucher?
If you have a gift voucher and want to book, choose the ‘REDEEM A VOUCHER’ button directly from our HOMEPAGE menu.

A box will open where you can enter the voucher code you have.

The system will recognize it and allow you to choose a day and time based on availability.

Can I purchase an experience for two people simultaneously?
If you wish, iFly gives you the option to share the piloting experience with another person by adding a supplement.

You will find this option during the purchase process, before completing the payment.

I don't have a credit card, how can I pay?
The available payment methods are as follows: PayPal and credit card.

If you do not have either of these and wish to pay via bank transfer, please contact the phone number 3481554880 directly, and we will provide you with the details.


For those who have never tried a simulator or have never flown

What is the difference between a flight with 1 pilot and a flight with 2 pilots?
The Boeing 737 is a multi-pilot aircraft, so due to the arrangement of controls and instruments and the need for cross-checking actions, it is not possible to fly it alone.

Therefore, a flight with only 1 pilot has the pilot seated on the left and the simulator operator seated on the right.

A flight with 2 pilots allows them to choose their seats, and the simulator operator follows the operations and assists while sitting on a jump seat.

I'm not familiar with flight simulators, not even those for PCs, and I would like to try it for the first time. Which offer should I choose?
No prior experience is necessary to access our simulator.

The three available experiences are suitable for all types of participants, thanks to the presence of our professional pilot instructors.

How is a flight for 2 pilots regulated?
A flight for two pilots can be conducted by two experienced pilots who can both sit in the cockpit.

If the two pilots are inexperienced, the first part of the flight will be with one of them at the controls and the operator beside them.

The middle part (cruise) will have both pilots at the controls, and the final part will again have one of them at the controls with the operator seated beside them.

Can I choose the flight route?
With the Hi-Speed experience, you can choose from a range of pre-prepared flights.

With the Intermediate cruise and Long range experiences, you can choose any desired route.

You can also participate in IVAO events and fly in online mode.

Can I access the simulator while pregnant?
Yes, of course. There are no dangers involved, unless your doctor has explicitly prohibited access to confined spaces for some reason.
Do I need aviation skills to fly with iFly Simulator?
iFly Simulator is open to everyone. Our goal is to make the experience of piloting an aircraft accessible to anyone, whether enthusiasts, experienced pilots, or beginners.

You can choose to fly solo or with the assistance of our operator, who will guide you through all the essential steps.

Can I bring friends or family?
Two additional seats are installed behind the pilots to allow two people to observe all flight maneuvers, external views, and participate in the experience for free.
Can I customize my flight experience?
Every offered solution can be customized to align the level of difficulty with your preferences and meet all your needs.
From what age can one access the simulator?
We generally recommend our experience for ages 8 and up.

However, it depends on the child’s passion for this type of experience. We recommend the HI SPEED 30 MIN or the APOLLOXI 45-minute experiences as the most suitable for younger participants.


Is the simulator certified?
The simulator is not certified by the aviation authority (ENAC) for any type of training.

This means that pilots and student pilots can only practice but cannot log flight hours.

I am an experienced pilot with a pilot's license. Can I practice with your simulator?
You can choose an advanced flight experience like Long Range and adapt the experience to your needs, but you cannot log hours in your flight log.
What kind of service do you offer for professional pilots?
Our highly qualified instructor can assist with any of your needs, from specific assessment training to instrument flight lessons to flight reviews.

Currently, our success rate for aspiring airline pilots who have trained with us is 100%, and they have all been hired by the best airlines.


Is all the onboard instrumentation real?
Our flight simulator perfectly replicates every detail of a Boeing 737.

The onboard instrumentation is fully functional, thanks to the use of professional software called PROSIM737.

Does the simulator move?
The entire system is ‘fixed-based,’ meaning it does not have artificial hydraulic systems.

The sense of movement and flight inertia is generated by virtual reality, which immerses you completely in the experience.

How is the flight scenario reproduced?
The iFly simulator features a spherical cinema with a 7-meter spherical development at 220 degrees and a height of 3 meters, completely surrounding the cockpit, where every detail of the surrounding landscape, including cloud cover, is reproduced, thanks to the use of 3 4K projectors.
Can I fly with real weather?
The iFly simulator uses special software that reproduces the same meteorological conditions (temperature, pressure, air density, and cloud cover)