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Management Coaching Courses
and Team Building in Turin

Make Your Business Fly

‘Business Pilots’ is the programme developed to help people, teams and organisations regain their passion, joy and involvement in what they do.

We particularly like the symbolic analogy with airline pilots as a backdrop for working with our teams on topics such as purpose, mission, objectives, operational plans and resources.

In fact, even those who work in companies and those who manage teams, in addition to routine, must have the ability to make quick choices in critical situations.

And here is the pilot who, although he knows flight procedures to perfection, must always be ready with cold blood to correct altitude, speed and heading to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and bring passengers safely to their destination.


Business Pilots is a leadership programme specially developed for working groups (maximum of 10 persons) who need to focus their attention, decide and act towards a common and shared direction, with passion, joy and involvement.

The programme is ideal for both senior management and operational teams, provided participants are truly motivated to want to learn, change, and improve the strategies that drive their personal and professional performance.


Pilots of Business is an intensive team coaching programme for those who want to transform themselves permanently. The ‘course’ is divided into 3 phases:
Phase 1 (morning)

Face the reality:

The team clearly knows its strengths and weaknesses and defines precise guidelines (check lists) and rules (protocols) for dealing with reality.

Phase 2 (afternoon)

Plan the future:

The team is guided to define 10 goals they want to achieve in the next 12 months and what resources they need, learning strategies to improve their performance, both personal and professional.

Phase 3 (evening)

Decide and act:

The team defines an operational plan to overcome its limitations and turn its goals into results.


Participating in Business Pilots means developing, once and for all:

– Clarity of goals
– Awareness of one’s own resources and speed of decision-making

By the end of the programme each participant will have learnt to recognise self-sabotage and interpersonal conflicts in the team and know the tools to overcome them.


Francesco De Sario

(author and Corporate Team Coach)

Since 2005, he has been working in multinational industrial settings with executives, entrepreneurs and professionals to help them achieve their goals under extreme conditions.

A graduate in Aerospace Engineering, he specialised in Sweden and Italy in Advanced Team Coaching, Strategic Problem Solving and Coaching for executives and managers.

He has built a reputation for excellence, first as an internal executive consultant in the FAAC Group working in the world of quality and business process improvement and then working as an Agile Coach for dozens of companies in Italy and around the world.

For ten years he has been working in numerous countries, supporting leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in the moment of important personal and professional changes and in the resolution of important business problems.

He is the author of the books: ‘Una mente da Serie A’ and ‘Il Sistema Qualità Agile’. Francesco lives in Bologna with his wife Giovanna and daughter Giulia.

Alessio Dabormida

(pilota professionista di B737)

He is a qualified commercial pilot on the BOEING 737 with 1,500 flight hours on the type and more than 2,000 in total and is currently employed by a Swiss airline as a first officer.

“Think what would happen if your employees could all row in the same direction with passion, joy and involvement”.

iFly Simulator Crew Team